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As a system administrator you can manage SuperRoundRobin;  create MatchGroups, add Assignees, vary their Distribution Ratios and use this Help Center!  Awesome.

If you want a non-admin, maybe a Sales Manager, to be able to do all these things, you can grant them permissions via the provided Permission Set: SRR Admin

Go to:

  1. Setup > Permission Sets
  2. Click on the SRR Admin Permission Set
  3. Click the Manage Assignments button
  4. Click the Add Assignments button
  5. Select the user you want to give SRR Admin permissions and click Assign
  6. If this user will also be creating, updating or reassigning leads, ensure they are allocated a SuperRoundRobin license

Note: You might have noticed the SRR User Permission Set.  When Assignees are added to SuperRoundRobin, they are automatically: 

  • added to the SRR User Permission Set
  • assigned a SuperRoundRobin license

Any User that creates or updates leads that are processed by SuperRoundRobin must be allocated a license.  So if you have automation or other processes that creates leads, ensure those Users are allocated a SuperRoundRobin license.

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