Assign to a Queue if SuperRoundRobin doesn't assign the record

Ed Ralph

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We always recommend making sure a lead or case is assigned to a human being and not a queue, because queues are where records languish and nobody takes ownership, leading to poor service.  Sometimes though you will have a good business case for wanting leads, cases or other records you are assigning to be sent to a queue if SuperRoundRobin doesn't assign it for you.

We leverage the standard Lead Assignment Rules to achieve this.  Create a new Lead Assignment Rule by going to Setup > Lead Assignment Rules.  Call it SuperRoundRobin so you know it is related.

Add a new entry.  

Step 1: Set the Sort Order to 1

Step 2: Leave the drop down as 'criteria are met' and choose the field: Use Round Robin, operator 'equals' and enter the value 'NOMATCH'

Step 3: Select 'Queue' in the first drop down and in the second drop down select the queue you want to assign to.  Save.

If you use Web to Lead, we need to add another rule entry, so click the 'new' button again to create a new rule entry.

In this one

Step 1: Set the Sort Order to 2

Step 2: Don't change anything

Step 3: Check the 'Do Not Reassign Owner' checkbox. Save.

Once you have set up this rule, any lead (or other record you are assigning) that results in a NOMATCH will be assigned to the queue of your choice.

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