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Sometimes to see what is going on, it's easier if we can get onto your org to have a look.  Salesforce provides a means of allowing support representatives from Salesforce and Partners to gain access for a limited duration called 'Grant Login Access'.

Here is the knowledgebase article from Salesforce: Grant Login Access.  As mentioned in this article, we do not want your username and password.  Instead there is a special mechanism for granting access:

  • Go to your Personal Settings (top right profile picture and then 'Settings')
  • Look in the navigation items on the left and select Grant Account Login Access.  You'll see something like this:
  • If you have installed SuperRoundRobin, you'll see our company here - Digital Doctrine.  
  • To grant login access, select an Access Duration from the picklist.  We usually ask for the minimum time - 1 day.  
  • As soon as your issue is resolved, you are encouraged to reset this access back to --No Access--

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