Respect Users' Calendar Events

Don't assign if they are busy!  Version 8 and up.

Ed Ralph

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In high performing sales and support teams where it is imperative to respond to a new lead or case immediately, you don't want to assign new incoming records if the assignee is in the middle of a meeting or demo call.  Use the Do Not Assign When Calendar Busy feature to accomplish this.

On the Assignee record, check the Do Not Assign When Calendar Busy checkbox to activate this feature for that Assignee.

When a new Calendar Event is created, the event can be set as Busy, Out of Office or Free.  This is the Show Time As field (you may have to add this to the Event Layout).

SuperRoundRobin will not assign records to the Assignee if the Event is set to Busy or Out of Office.  If the Event is set to Free, then SuperRoundRobin will ignore the event and continue to assign records.

This feature can be used to prevent assignment from happening during meetings and calls, or it can be used for longer periods of inactivity such as if the user is on vacation.  This is an alternative to the Out of Office functionality.

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