Rejecting Bad Leads, Cases or Other Records

Allow sales reps to reject bad records


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Let's face it, it'll happen sooner or later.  Sales reps always feel hard done by when they are assigned a round robin lead and they get a dud.  In reality, over time it evens out as the dud assignments are random across the team.  But it doesn't feel that way to the rep that's just received a dud lead.  

This feature is a minor addition to Version 7 and is available from v7.17 onwards.  The way it works is that the sales rep will have two choices:

  1. The choice they've always had - delete the record and move on.  But they need to wait until everyone else has had a lead before they get assigned another one.
  2. The new choice - they go to the Use Round Robin picklist on the Lead record and select REJECTED.  They will be assigned the next lead that matches that same MatchGroup, and won't miss their turn in the round robin.  If you don't show the Use Round Robin picklist on your page layouts, you can create a Lightning Action instead that will show as a button on the page.

There are interesting forces in play here; 

  • If they hit delete, then it is likely nobody will review that record (and whether it really was bad, or just 'hard-work' like some leads are).  But they will have to wait for round robin to assign to the rest of the team before they get another.
  • If they take the REJECTED option, then they get an AssigneeCredit - which means they get assigned the next record and they won't have lost their round-robin spot.  The rub here is that the rejected record will be assigned to your specified Rejects User, who might scrutinize the rejected record.  So they will need to make sure they really are dud records.

When a record is rejected it will appear in the MatchLog, and then when the subsequent AssigneeCredit is used up and the next lead is assigned to that user, it will say in the MatchLog that it was assigned using a rejection credit.

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