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Not doing what you think it's supposed to be doing?  Usually the setup is fairly straightforward, but Salesforce orgs have a lot of moving parts and there are a few things that sometimes trip people up that we'll run through here.  When we talk about a 'lead' record here, this is interchangeable with records for any object type you have set up to be assigned by SuperRoundRobin.

Identify the symptom that looks like what you are seeing...

  • The MatchLog looks correct; it logged that the right user was assigned to the record.  But looking at the record, another user/queue is assigned.
    • Every time this happens it is because some other automation, trigger or native assignment rule is reassigning the record after SRR is done with it.
    • The MatchLog entry is the last thing that SRR does - so if it looks correct, then whatever is assigning the record is doing it after SRR has finished.
    • Look carefully at all your automation (Process Builder, Workflow Rules, Lead/Case Assignment Rules, Flow) as these all run after SRR.
    • Look to see if there is another trigger on your object that might be doing this.

  • Works for most users but one (or more) are reporting issues.  
    • Check that these users belong to the SRR Users Permission Set (Setup > Permission Sets).
    • Check they have a license assigned to them (Setup > Installed Packages > SuperRoundRobin Manage Licenses).  They might have been mistakenly removed.  Or you might have used up your licenses?  Contact us if you need more licenses.

  • SRR fields I added to the layout aren't showing up!
    • Obvious things first: refresh the page.  Check field level security; that the profile/permission set allows at least read on the field.  Does the user have a license for SRR?
    • Does the object use Record Types?  If so have you edited the right layout for the record type you are viewing?
    • Sometimes layouts can be cached.  Check this by temporarily disabling caching: Setup > Session Settings > uncheck 'Enable secure and persistent browser caching to improve performance'

  • Web to Lead isn't creating leads at all, and my Postman tests aren't creating leads either
  • This isn't a SuperRoundRobin thing but you might see this issue if you are doing Web to Lead for the first time.
  • For web to lead to work you must:
    1. Have web to lead enabled
    2. Include all required fields in your form / Postman request
    3. Use either the field API name or the Ids of the fields as generated by the web to lead HTML generator (for some reason they can be different to the field API name - e.g. in web to lead the Lead Source field is 'lead_source' whereas it's API name is 'leadsource'.  Confusing!
    4. Check that there are no validations on the Lead object that prevents your record from being saved

  • Leads coming in from Web to Lead or other lead forms not assigning but other leads are fine.  
    • Check that the Salesforce Lead Assignment rule is in place and active.
    • Check your MatchRules.  Are you including a field that is set by Process Builder or some other automation?  Process Builder may set the value for that field after SuperRoundRobin has evaluated the lead (so cannot match it).  In this case, either use a field that is populated before it comes into Salesforce, or use Process Builder / Flow to update Lead.Use_Round_Robin__c to TRUE after it has set the value in question.

  • No records are assigning, and the Use_Round_Robin__c picklist shows FALSE on the record.
    • This picklist only shows FALSE on the record if it was never set to TRUE in the first place.  Check the default value for the Use_Round_Robin__c picklist.
    • Check if your organisation uses Record Types for the object you are assigning.  If yes, then you will need to set the default for each record type under Setup > Object Manager > Lead > Record Types
    • Manually create a lead, and set Use_Round_Robin__c to TRUE (before you save the new lead).  If Use_Round_Robin__c is now FALSE, then some other process is changing this because SuperRoundRobin only moves it from TRUE to ASSIGNED or TRUE to NOMATCH.

  • No leads are assigning, and the Use_Round_Robin__c picklist shows NOMATCH on the lead record.
    • This means the lead was inspected by SuperRoundRobin, but no MatchRules matched the lead.  If you have several MatchRules, identify the rule you think should have matched.
    • For that MatchRule, or if you only have one MatchRule, can you simplify it to see if that works?
    • See Route Leads Using MatchRules for more information about setting up MatchRules.
    • If you take a NOMATCH record and change the Use Round Robin field to TRUE, and update, if it assigns as expected then the likely reason for the initial NOMATCH is that you are using a field in your MatchRule that is updated by automation like Flow or Process Builder.  Due to the order of execution, SuperRoundRobin runs first, and then other automation later.  So if the value is set after SuperRoundRobin has already run, it won't match and this is why you end up with NOMATCH.  In this situation, the automation that sets the field (that you use in your MatchRule) should also update the Use Round Robin value to TRUE so that SuperRoundRobin will process the record again (this time with the correct value in your MatchRule field).
    • If other MatchGroups and MatchRules work, create a lead manually, specifying the exact field values you expect to match the MatchRule.  If this doesn't work when others do, contact [email protected] and we can investigate further.

  • Leads are being assigned to the same person either all the time or some of the time
    • Assuming that this isn't because you've set up Distribution Ratios...
    • And assuming that this isn't because the other Assignees are set as Out of Office
    • And also that the other Assignees don't have their MaxLeads set and they have maxed out their new leads...
    • Any User that creates a lead must have the right permissions to use SRR.  Assignees are added to Permission Sets and allocated Licenses automatically, but if you have another User that is creating leads for example:
      • A Community or Partner Portal guest user
      • Custom Apex or Flow, or other automation
      • Default Lead Owner
    • Identify any Users that are creating leads and ensure they are allocated a license and added to the SRR Users Permission Set.
    • Ensure the final entry in your native Lead Assignment Rules (Setup > Marketing > Lead Assignment Rules) or Case Assignment Rules (Setup > Service > Case Assignment Rules) has blank criteria and the checkbox at the bottom marked Do Not Reassign Owner is checked.

  • Email Notifications is checked, and the MatchLog says Email Sent, but we don't receive any emails
    • In most of these cases this happens on a Sandbox where the Email Deliverability is set to System Email Only
    • Go to Setup > Email > Deliverability and change the picklist at the top from System Email Only to All Email
    • In a Production org, this setting should already be set at All Email

  • The SMS notifications have suddenly stopped
    • If nothing else has been changed, the usual cause of this is that the credit on your SMS account has been used up...
    • If you have changed the email domain that your Salesforce Org sends from, then update the whitelisted emails in TextMagic

  • When I convert a Lead, the Account, Contact and Opportunity records are not being assigned as per my MatchGroups for those objects
    • There can be a couple of reasons for this.

    1. Triggers for Account, Contact and Opportunity are only fired when a Lead is converted when the Lead Setting "Require Validation for Converted Leads" is checked.  This setting is checked by default.
    2. If that setting is already checked, make sure that the Custom Metadata SRR Object records are active for Account, Contact and Opportunity.  Go to Setup > Custom Metadata > SRR Object and click on Manage Records.  Check the objects that you require SRR to process.

  • The Country and/or State fields don't work
    • If your org has Country and State/Territory Picklists enabled, then due to a known issue with Salesforce the Country and State fields do not work in the type of trigger SuperRoundRobin uses.  Any MatchRules that use Country or State must be replaced with the CountryCode and StateCode fields, and the matching values must be the 2 letter code for the country or territory/state.  More information here.

  • I want to do mass inline editing of the Use Round Robin field but there is a padlock in the cell
    • This is usually because you don't have the Use Round Robin field on the page layout assigned to you
    • Go to Setup > Object Manager > select the object > Page Layouts > select the page layout and drag the Use Round Robin field onto the layout.  Save.  You should now be able to inline-mass edit the Use Round Robin field to mass reassign records.

If none of these scenarios match what you are seeing, or if you've tried these steps to resolve your issue to no avail, then get in touch at [email protected] and we will resolve your issue asap.

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