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Implement SLAs for Leads or Cases

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For most orgs it is imperative that leads and cases are responded to asap.  To ensure the best chance of rapid responses, you can configure the system to reassign records if they have been left unread for X minutes/hours.  This article explains how to set this up and involves creating one custom field and using Process Builder.

Note: this method will do one idle check and one reassignment only.  So if the record is idle for X minutes it will get reassigned, but then if it remains idle it will not be continually reassigned.  

Create a Date/Time custom field

  1. Create a custom field on your object called CheckIdle of type Date/Time.
  2. In the 'default value' box, enter the following formula:
  3. Now()+65/1440

Explaining the formula

  • We are setting a time that is (in this example) 65 minutes ahead of the record create time (Now()).
  • We will use this later in a Scheduled Action in Process Builder: where we will set it to run an action 1 hour before the CheckIdle Date/Time.
  • What this will do is set the action to run 5 minutes after the record create time.  A bit of a mind-bender I know, but this is how we work around the limitation in Scheduled Actions where we cannot specify a time less than 1hr.
  • So if you wanted the Idle Record check to happen after 10 minutes, the formula would be: Now()+70/1440


Where X = 60 + the number of minutes after record creation you want to do the idle record check.

Example formulas:

5 minute check: Now()+65/1440

10 minute check: Now()+70/1440

15 minute check: Now()+75/1440

New Process Builder 

In this example we will do this on the Lead object but it can be any object you are using SuperRoundRobin for

1. Create a new Process as per below:

2. In the next step select 'only when a record is created'

3. Configure the Criteria element as below:

The Field in the Conditions is the Lead.leadassist__Use_Round_Robin__c field (set to ASSIGNED)

We select this because we only want to do the 'reassign idle leads' to leads that were assigned via SuperRoundRobin

4. Skip the 'Immediate Actions' and go straight to configuring the Scheduled Action:

Set the scheduled action to 1 Hour Before CheckIdle__c.  This is the custom field we created at the beginning.

5. Now configure the Action - click Add Action directly below the Scheduled Action:

We check that the lead hasn't been looked at using the Unread By Owner field.  You can use any criteria you like to determine the reassignment threshold.  For example you may decide that if the lead is still in the 'New' status it should be reassigned.

Then, if the criteria is met, you set the Use Round Robin field to TRUE.  This will trigger SuperRoundRobin to reassign the lead.

6. Finally, save and activate the process.

7. Test this by creating a lead, and leaving it unread for over 5 minutes (if that was the time threshold you set).  You should see in the MatchLog that the record gets reassigned.  Note: this will only have an effect if there is more than one Assignee in the MatchGroup.  Otherwise it will just get reassigned back to the same user.

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