Advanced: Multi Stage Sales Processes

When leads pass through multiple owners before conversion.  Version 3 and up.

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Sophisticated sales organisations often use different teams with skills relevant to the lead stage.  For instance, fresh leads might go to a screening team who contact the prospect and enter information into the Lead record.  Entry of qualifying data should automatically trigger the re-assignment of the lead to the sales team responsible for the next stage of the lead journey.

Let's imagine an example of a multi-stage lead process:

  1. Leads come in via the website from all over the world. They need to be initially qualified by a dedicated inside-sales team.
  2. The initial qualification could be anything depending on the business - but let’s say here that the leads need to be qualified and split into either Consumer or B2B leads.
  3. Once the lead has been updated as either Consumer or B2B, the lead needs to be reassigned to a territory sales agent (either Consumer or B2B, and the right language skills) to work and close the sale.
SuperRoundRobin can fully automate your complex multi-stage sales processes that might involve hand-off from a qualification team onto senior closers

This is our example scenario; two tiers of sales teams (qualification and closing) across three territories and two specialisms (B2B & Consumer):

We use SuperRoundRobin to automate the assignment of leads at both stages; ensuring that the right team get the lead straight away, and as soon as the lead is qualified it’ll end up in the hands of the right specialist to close the deal.  Now let's look at how we would implement this scenario.

First we set up the MatchGroups for the Qualification Teams

This bit is simple - in our example above we have three pools of agents that deal with the new leads that come in from CA, US and FR.  They do the initial qualification.

  1. Create three MatchGroups
    1. CA Qualification: MatchRule says Country EQUALS CA
    2. US Qualification: MatchRule says Country EQUALS US
    3. FR Qualification: MatchRule says Country EQUALS FR
  2. Each MatchGroup given Assignees with the appropriate language speaking reps
  3. Every time SRR runs we want it to check for Qualified Leads first.  So set the Priority on these MatchGroups to 2.

These MatchGroups will ensure new leads are assigned to the qualifiers that speak the right language. When they contact the lead and find out whether they are Consumer or B2B, they will update a custom Lead_Type__c field.

Next we set up the specialist sales teams that will deal with the qualified leads…

This time we need six MatchGroups; set the Priority for these MatchGroups to 1

For these MatchGroups, create rules that specify both territory and lead type. For example, for the Canadian B2B specialists, the MatchRules would be:

  • Country EQUALS CA
  • Lead_Type__c EQUALS B2B

Finally we need a simple Process Builder process to trigger the second assignment once the qualification data (Lead Type) has been entered…

  • Go to Setup > Process Builder
  • Create a new Process as per below:
  • Add the Lead object, and change the radio button to when a record is created or edited
  • Add the criteria, in our example, we are looking for a change in the Lead Type field:
  • Then under Immediate Actions we need to add an action: select Update Records from the picklist
  • Give it a name: Set SRR to TRUE
  • Choose the record that started this process (the Lead)
  • And finally, select No criteria and set the Field to Use_Round_Robin__c and set the value to TRUE

The finished Process should look like this:

Once you activate this Process, when the initial team have entered the qualification data, this Process Builder will set Use Round Robin to TRUE, triggering SRR to reassign the lead.  SRR will evaluate the Priority 1 MatchGroups first, and match the Country and Lead Type fields.  The qualified Lead will then get assigned to the specialist team.

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