Distribution Ratio and Lead Capping

Fine tune the volume of leads individual reps receive.  Version 5 and up.

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SuperRoundRobin gives you the flexibility to cap leads for a specific agent or even alter the ratio of leads distributed amongst a team (assignment weighting).

These features are controlled at the Assignee level.  Open up an Assignee record and you'll see two fields:
  1. Capacity Threshold 
  2. Distribution Ratio

Lead Capping: Capacity Threshold

Sometimes Sales Managers want to limit the number of new leads assigned to a team member.  It might be because they are new, or are part time, or some other reason.  

This feature works in conjunction with setting a Capacity Model against the MatchGroup.  For detailed setup see this article on capping assignment with Capacity Models.

Distribution Ratio

The Distribution Ratio sets how many leads this Assignee receives in relation to the other Assignees.  It is easier to see what is going on if we look at all the Assignees for a given MatchGroup:

Here we have three Assignees, Charlie, Maggie and Kron.  Both Kron and Maggie are set to have a Distribution Ratio of 1, and Charlie is set to 2.  This means that for every 4 leads, Kron will get 1, Maggie will get 1 and Charlie will get 2.  It literally is a ratio: 1:1:2 (Kron:Maggie:Charlie).  

The Distribution Percentage is calculated from the ratio, and helps us understand at a glance how leads will be distributed across the team.

The Distribution Ratio must be a positive whole number. i.e. not 0.5. So what if I wanted Bob to have 0.5 in this scenario? Then in whole number terms, this would be 2:4:1 (double 0.5 to get a whole number, and double the others as well).

A test import of many leads for a similar setup to above shows how for every 4 leads, Kron gets 1, Bob gets 1 and Gabby gets 2:

Using Capacity Threshold and Distribution Ratio allows Sales Managers to fine-tune how leads are distributed amongst their teams.

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