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A customer had a scenario where they employ sales reps that only work Saturday/Sunday.  They also had a team of full time reps that work weekdays.  This article describes how you can route Salesforce leads to the Sat/Sun workers at the weekend, and the full time workers during the week.


  1. Create a Formula Field on the Lead Object - call it something like 'DaySubmitted'.  It should be a 'text' Formula Field and in the Formula, use this:
    • CASE(WEEKDAY(Today()), 1, 'Sunday', 2, 'Monday', 3, 'Tuesday', 4, 'Wednesday', 5, 'Thursday', 6, 'Friday', 7, 'Saturday', 'False')
  2. Save.  Accept the default field permissions and you don't need to show this on any Lead Layout pages so uncheck those boxes.
  3. Add this newly created Lead field to the MatchRule.Fieldname picklist.  Remember to add the API fieldname, so if you did name it DaySubmitted, the API fieldname will be DaySubmitted__c.  Detailed instructions here.

When a lead is created, this field will contain the day of the week that you will use in your MatchRules.

SuperRoundRobin config

  1. Now head over to SuperRoundRobin.  Create a new MatchGroup that will contain your (for example) Saturday and Sunday reps.
  2. Add your weekend reps to that MatchGroup in the Assignees section.
  3. Create a MatchRule that will only match leads submitted on the Saturday or Sunday.  Select DaySubmitted__c from the Fieldnname picklist, use the EQUALS operator and enter Saturday|Sunday in the MatchingValues box.  (That's a pipe character in the middle.  It means match on either a Saturday or Sunday).
  4. Done!  Of course you can use this rule in combination with any other MatchRules if you have more complex routing requirements.  And obviously it isn't restricted to Saturday/Sunday - use any day of the week!
  5. Finally - you need to stop the weekday sales reps from getting weekend leads; you have two options:
      1. Set the Priority of this MatchGroup higher than the other MatchGroups, so this rule always gets executed first
      2. In the other MatchGroups with your weekend reps, have a similar rule where you have DaySubmitted EQUALS Monday|Tuesday|Wednesday|Thursday|Friday

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